What to see in Krakow?

On our website you will be presented all the most important information about Krakow. The city has probably the best base in Poland, scattered around the area of Krakow.
Tourist attractions are concentrated in the Old Town, Kazimierz and Podgórze. All these distances are able to overcome the walk! A visit to Krakow, you can also connect with a trip to the mountains! Kraków as the capital of the region is already in the upland, mountainous region with many places of spa and recreation facilities.
Krakow is conducive to tourists who are here have a lot to learn! Monuments, cultural events, many theaters and museum institutions creates a unique atmosphere anywhere else. We will show you what you can visit and see in history, tradition, cultural cradle of Polish.

3 days in Krakow

Guests arriving to Krakow, you Flip through dozens of guides and websites to the best of your time in our city. Among the wide range of museums, tour routes, it is difficult to decide on something. As a result, filming, photographing, wander around the city and try to capture time in the camera lens …
We would like to offer you plan on visiting Krakow for the full three days, so that you can explore a lot, but also the feel and atmosphere of Krakow.